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"Farika is an excellent consultant... I highly recommend her. " - Mikki (OH)

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It Really Works

"This winter, I was experiencing an itchy scalp. I tried the Black Majic Herbal Cider Rinse after shampooing my hair, and I must say I love the results. My problems with an itchy scalp were resolved and unlike other Apple Cider Vinegar based rinses I've tried, it didn't have an unpleasant odor."

– Aretha (IL), Natural Hair Customer

"I really liked the Black Majic Herbal Cider Rinse. It did wonders for my hair and scalp. My scalp stopped itching and I didn’t see as many flakes as before. My hair didn’t smell (bad) after I used the rinse. I am so happy that my hair and scalp feels and looks so much better. My scalp has not flaked nor itched in two weeks."

–Vanessa (MD), Sisterlocks® Client

"Black Majic Herbal Cider Rinse: reduced my dandruff; noticed less caked oil and dirt; brought fewer shampooing repetitions… it’s an excellent product!"

–Andrea (MD), Sisterlocks® Client

"Strong Hair is a product that has proven to be just as the name says. My hairline area was thin and weak and after using Strong Hair after every shampoo, I have real results and I’m happily locked."

–Cassandra (DC), Sisterlocks® Client

"Before using Farika’s product, Black Majic Herbal Cider Rinse, I suffered from dry scalp. I used her product for a couple of weeks (applying once per week) and found a big difference – no more dry scalp and itching. This is wonderful! The smell is great… very earthy smell. My scalp feels great… no tightness. I love Black Majic!"

–Ann-Louise(MD), Sisterlocks® Client

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