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Where Do I Begin?

"Having natural hair should be exciting and without limits!"

-- Farika, Owner, Natural Hair Artist, Certified Sisterlocks® Consultant

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Feature The Ups and Downs of a Natural Head


What To Wear With Your Natural Hair?
by Farika - No Lye

Hair, Make-up and Wardrobe Styling by Farika

With their locked tresses, rouged lips, signature black eyeliner, and bold gold accessories, our ancestors of Khemit were fashion forward and striking against the backdrop of ancient civilization. Wearing accessories daily for more than religious reasons, ancient Egyptians even took their love for beauty with them to the depths of their tombs to ensure a fashionable afterlife. With such a rich history of trend setting beauty, make no mistakes that our natural hair whispers more than a spiritual connection to our past, but screams a strong statement for our future.

This section of the site will highlight seasonal fashion trends and how you can incorporate them into your lifestyle. So you’ll always have an idea of “what to where with your natural hair?”

Not Fall Yet!
It may be August, but summer is not over! In fact, it’s hard to think of fall fashion when you are commuting to and from work in the sun’s unyielding heat. There’s still time to beat the heat at work and at play by keeping your natural hair and your wardrobe cool and stylish!

All Work?
Sometimes summer can be very trying when coming up with an outfit for work. A major concern is appropriateness. Coming up with a stylish summer look that fits conservative, "business casual" or casual environments can be tricky. Here is a hair style that will work any work environment – The Chignon. A Chignon, also known as a Bun, is conservative enough for any office/professional environment, yet is also attractive for a more casual look. If you are in a conservative environment that requires a suit, a chignon is a conventional hairstyle that can be created on both locs and natural hair. For a bit of summer fun, add an adornment like an imitation flower or embellished barrette to your chignon.

Some Play!
Inspired by the streets of Morocco, the most popular look for summer 2005 has been complimenting embellished cotton tunics and Gypsy/Bohemian wide swinging skirts. These must haves are lightweight and breathable making it ideal to have for the summer. Adding beads and/or sequins to your look gives pizzazz to ordinary cotton pieces, finishing off with dazzling sandals and bejeweled handbags. How on earth can your natural hair compete with all of that?
Complete this laid back look with an avant-garde natural upsweep/updo by adding spikey finger-styled bangs. In addition to the bangs, make the back of the upsweep interesting by putting a part up the middle with symmetrical French-rolls on either side. This upsweep creates a look as free as a gypsy's spirit and is sure to be a hit while running errands or hanging with friends at a chic cafe.

Hair Fashion Forward - Z Dezigns Hair Disks

One of the best things I have come across for my own natural hair this summer is Z Dezigns Hair Disks™. I first encountered this accessory at a natural hair show in Baltimore, Maryland where I purchased my first two Hair Disks™. Ever since, I’ve been in love and wear them every chance I get. Luckily, I saw the booth for Z Dezigns again in Atlanta where I purchased ANOTHER Hair Disk™. Needless to say, my Hair Disks™ have put my other hair accessories to shame.

Hair Disks™ are made of leather and embellished with cowrie shells, beads and/or crystals. They are are adjustable and can accommodate any type of locs or volume of hair. Not only do they compliment many of my most fashionably flirty outfits, but they don’t damage my hair. Another great feature is the multiple ways that it can be worn in natural hair. With my Z Dezign Hair Disk™, I can wear my hair up or back in a ponytail, or turn it around and wear it as a head band with my hair flowing and free. If you are going to any upcoming Natural Hair Shows/Conferences on the East Coast or South East, look for the Z Dezign Booth. If you live in New York, contact Z Dezigns for a listing of retail stores that carry the Hair Disks™ - Trust me, this natural hair accessory is a great find to have for seasons to come.

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