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Where Do I Begin?

"Having natural hair should be exciting and without limits!"

-- Farika, Owner, Natural Hair Artist, Certified Sisterlocks® Consultant

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Feature The Ups and Downs of a Natural Head


What To Wear With Your Natural Hair?
by Farika - No Lye

Hair, Make-up and Wardrobe Styling by Farika

With their locked tresses, rouged lips, signature black eyeliner, and bold gold accessories, our ancestors of Khemit were fashion forward and striking against the backdrop of ancient civilization. Wearing accessories daily for more than religious reasons, ancient Egyptians even took their love for beauty with them to the depths of their tombs to ensure a fashionable afterlife. With such a rich history of trend setting beauty, make no mistakes that our natural hair whispers more than a spiritual connection to our past, but screams a strong statement for our future.

This section of the site will highlight seasonal fashion trends and how you can incorporate them into your lifestyle. So you’ll always have an idea of “what to where with your natural hair?”

Roaring Retro!

Where as we saw a reflection of Moroccan gypsies and artsy bohemians in Summer fashion, this Fall we go retro mixing the 20's, 30's and 40's eras with a flip for the modern. The fashion trend of this fall is a mix of eras, color, texture as well as gender.

This is a man's world?!

The Harlem Renaissance or 20's - 30's was a stylish era for both women AND men. The era's debonair pinstripe suits, pocket watches, vests over starched white shirts and fur collared coats have lent its distinction to today's ladder climbing WOMAN. Try a pair of pinstriped trouser pants and other male fashions intermixed with feminine charm like bejeweled pocket watches, brooch accented vests/sweaters with white shirts to impress the boys at the next meeting. This look is excellent for the work place because it's says power player, but not completely masculine.

A colorful, oblong scarf can be folded into an ascot. An oversized handbag in mock or real crocodile can double as a brief case. Although most wool trousers come in drab gray, black and navy - add a splash of color to effeminate the look. Rich teal, pumpkin, chartreuse and eggplant accented with brush gold jewelry will liven up any outfit and office. Don't leave your hair out of the act - Recreate an illusion of a 40's-ish finger roll up hairstyle with a Flip. Hair cut in layers or long hair can be curled upward or sideways to remake the past to accent the Neo-Renaissance working woman in Fall's latest craze.

Some Play!

It's not too early to consider a look for the holidays. Why not continue the retro look into the holidays? Combine a few eras to enrich the look. Here's how - add texture like brocade. A floral brocade (tapestry like print) jacket over a Flapper-inspired dress accented with dazzling jeweled brooch continues the past into the present. So, how to funk it up? Add the look of art deco with a pair of copper glittered fishnets worn alone or over flesh tone hosiery (if nippy outside). An overlooked accent may be a pair of floral print/ accented shoes with a 40's-ish wedge heel. Don't forget gold isn't shiny for this look, keep it muted or brushed to just add the color not the glitz to an outfit. Once again recreate an era hairstyle - perhaps mock finger waves. Short to mid-length hair with some hair spray / liquid gel and hair clips will add a little Billie Holiday to your holiday party.

The After Party - Flash Forward !

The party is over and you're hairstyle is not so fresh - what do you do? Well one good thing about hair spritz is that sometimes the hair still has a little life in it and can be re-sculpted and refreshed with a little finger styling. Use finger's to lift once molded finger waves into a more 80's era hairstyle. You may have to use additional spritz for some lost curls that struggle to hold themselves in place. Now you can get the look of a chic 80's supermodel in a corduroy jacket, wool skirt and wedged boot with spikey/ sculpted ringlets without bed head or hair redo for the next day.

Don't Be Afraid of Style Aides!

One thing that many natural heads are afraid of is a styling aid. Either because they fear product build up or don't know how to use them. Since all of the styles on this page were created from using style aides, I think it's only right to give some advice on what products to use and how to use them.

The Styling Foam
Whether you have natural loose hair or locs, in order to achieve some styles, you need a product to set the hair. Say you want curls. The best way to achieve this is to set the hair on rods/rollers using a styling foam. Styling foams unlike setting lotions are airy and light, yet affective on any type of natural hair. They can dampen the hair without feeling sticky. Another plus - foams are light enough to expedite the drying process AND once dry, they won't leave a flaky residue like some setting lotions/liquids. Not to mention foams penetrate the hair including thicker locs so they tend not to leave product build up. Last some styling foams add volume to limp, thin hair strands so you can create the illusion of body/fullness in your new curls. I used a styling foam to hold the Flip curls in place. Please remember - Styling foam is not a hair mousse; they are made of different ingredients. A foam that I like is QP Elasta's Styling Foam.

The Hair Spritz / Liquid Gel
Hair fixatives like spritz are still usable on your natural hair. Believe it or not it will hold your hairs in place just like your individual relaxed hair strands. I used hair spray and some clips to create and mold the mock finger waves look in this article as well as the 80's inspired spikey curls came as a result of lifting the hair out of the finger waves. If you have mature locs, you may even want to try a spritz to curl hair with a curling iron for a temporary style. You should only use it as a quick fix or temporary style that you want for a couple of days. Too much application of either product during the week will cause buildup or flaking on the hair. Wash your hair the same week you use these products to avoid the product build up on loose hair or locs. So curl your hair or pull it into a bun and use a spritz or liquid gel to hold it in place. My picks - Aveda Firmata or an Aloe-Flax Seed gel (coming soon as a No Lye product).

So a person with newer locs may wonder which of the products I've mentioned in the afore paragraphs is right for her. Actually the styling foam can be used on newer locs. But depending on what type of locs you have, you don't want to use it too much too often in the beginning phases. So what can you use? Water. Yes, it's true you can set your hair on rollers/rods, braid set, bantu knot your hair with good ole water. Now, that doesn't mean lean your head under the showerhead and let water rain over your locs. That's too much. But, it does mean that using a spritz bottle to dampen your hair before setting will help your style stay better than dry hair. The amount of time a style can last depends on the density of the locs. The denser (thicker) the locs the less water will sustain a curl for a period of time. In those cases a styling foam may work best. However, it never hurts to try and test to see what works best for your hair.

So what are you waiting for? Be style forward and use styling aides for your hair.

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Summer 05

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