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"Having natural hair should be exciting and without limits!"

-- Farika, Owner, Natural Hair Artist, Certified Sisterlocks® Consultant

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Feature The Ups and Downs of a Natural Head


Feature : Is Natural Hair a Fad?
by Farika - No Lye

As a follow up to the poll question, it was interesting to see the results and comments that answered this question - Is Natural Hair A Fad?

Considering that hair often accessorizes ones personal style and is familiar to fads like fashion, it shouldn't be surprising that some people question if natural hair is a becoming a new observable fact or fad for Black people. Having in mind the increase of women, men and children that are wearing their hair in unadulterated, chemical free hair styles like locs and braids, I chose to poll my visitors to see what they thought about natural hair and if they thought it was a fad. The results were interesting if not thought provoking.

Eighty-one percent of those polled did agree that natural hair for Black people was not a fad and indeed a phenomenon for the present and future Black woman and man. One visitor indicated, "I don't believe it can be a fad when you had natural hair before you had relaxed hair...It's like saying are brown eyes a fad after people have worn colored contact lenses for years." While another responder, who agreed that natural hair is here to stay, expressed a possible driving force to women wearing their hair natural beyond a trend by stating, "I think more and more women are realizing it's a good health choice and that having natural hair is not so hard to manage as they once thought." One poll answer revealed an interesting perception about the blurred line between fad and tradition and how one can be a result of the other by commenting, " If you'd asked me this question about 5 years ago, I would have said 'yes' (natural hair is a fad). However, I think what started as a fad has become a genuine 'let me be who I was created to be'." Still there were nineteen percent of those surveyed that pointed out reasons why natural hair is the current "craze" among the Black community that may soon complete its rotation only to be played again at a later date. "As the styles change, so do we. The style now is natural hair - in time it will be something else (i.e., How many men/boys do you see wearing Afros now compared to 1-2 years ago?)." ,voiced one surveyor. "Some (people) do not groom or care for their (natural) hair, they just wear it. (This behavior) is the symptom of a fad.", observed another taking the poll.

In conclusion, undoubtedly, natural hair wearers are growing in numbers. The popularity of natural hair is growing as more models, spokespersons, celebrities and trendsetters are sporting natural hair without shame and to the tune of admiration by on lookers. There is no mistake that traditional Black hair care experts are giving more advice on natural hair styles beyond an afro and a pick to appease and profit from those who are making transitions from chemically processed hair care. Noteworthy traditional black hair care product lines are becoming more sophisticated and are intentionally marketing "natural hair" and "organic" products to support those who are choosing to no longer style their tresses with chemicals and heavy pomades. With such obvious changes occurring in Black culture, one would say that natural hair may be here to stay. So what do you think? Natural Hair - Fad or Phenomenon?

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