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"Farika is an excellent consultant... I highly recommend her. " - Mikki (OH)

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I Love My Hair

"Overall, I love my hair! I think you did a wonderful job establishing my locs. I have had minimal problems with them... your services are good. I would send anyone I know to you first for their hair care needs."

- Nikki T. (MD), Sisterlocks Client

"I love my locs!! I have a very active lifestyle (personal trainer, runner, tirathlete), and these are the best. I’ve gone on a cruise, went swimming and shampooed my hair, and the locs stayed intact! I’ve gotten plenty of compliments also. It was the best decision I’ve made next to going natural!!"

–Tosha B. (VA), Traditional Tool Locs Client

"I was scared to transition (from relaxed to natural hair). Besides hearing about the social stigma, I also heard about how hard it would be to get a job with locs. I was in the midst of a career change, and didn’t want to make the process more difficult. Once I made the transition (into locs), I found nothing could be further from the truth. To my surprise, men and women (strangers) approach me admiring my hair and making favorable comments while reaching to touch my hair. To date, I have changed careers and I never had trouble finding employment. "

–Monica S. (MD), Traditional Tool Locs Client

"...I am pleasingly surprised and satisfied with my consultant, Farika. Even though she is young, she does have a lot of experience and knowledge with Sisterlocks®. I was so nervous starting the process with my new natural hair but she has carried me all the way though the stages of getting familiar and what to expect. Even though I haven't (completely) matured in my Sisterlocks® hair growth (phases), I still have it going on. I am a happy customer and would recommend Farika to anyone. "

–Cathy W. (DC), Sisterlocks Client

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