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Where Do I Begin?

"Having natural hair should be exciting and without limits!"

-- Farika, Owner, Natural Hair Artist, Certified Sisterlocks® Consultant

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Since 1996, as a Natural Hair Artist and Certified Sisterlocks® Consultant, I have been in the business of and in love with natural hair care, maintenance and styling. An advocate for holistic natural hair care and maintenance, helping others with their natural hair journeys, I am a self-described "Naturalhairholic." My experience began with doing my own hair at age 5 and learning how to cornrow on a Barbie head like most little Black girls of the 70's. However, as time progressed, I desired what many "nappy-headed" girls wanted, non-kinky hairstyles (relaxers, Jehri curls). You name it, I wore it, always styling and maintaining my own hair in between salon visits. That is... until I got a thought for change.

My first attempt at transitioning from a relaxer to natural hair occurred in 1991. After an unsuccessful endeavor at being natural, including a lack of knowledge and resources and hair breakage, I unwillingly went back to a relaxer a year later. However, I was determined to live a life with chemical-free hair. I successfully made the "Big Chop," cutting my relaxed tresses, in 1996 and began my personal natural hair journey. But, my journey and personal knowledge would not be my own for long.

With my personal sense of style and knack for recreating hairstyles seen in hair braiding magazines, I began to wear my hair in unique and stylish natural hair designs such as comb twists, braid sets, two strand twists and straw sets. Soon, my co-workers, friends, family and strangers came to me for advice and consultation on making the transition from chemically processed to natural hair as well as hair styling services. Using my personal experiences and enterprising on my growing affinity for natural hair, I began to mentor with trained cosmetologists from both Ohio and New York to increase my knowledge about general hair care. Within seven years, my services and talents evolved into more sophisticated styles such as comb twists, two strand twists, and straw / braid sets to hair braiding, hair weaving and designer cornrows. In 2000, after seeing a person wearing Sisterlocks®, I decided to learn more about them ( and other natural hairlocking techniques. I successfully completed Sisterlocks® training, and realized a new affinity for locs / dredlocs and eagerly sought more knowledge of hairlocking, so I mentored with local lockticians / hairlocking pioneers in Ohio.

Since then, I have become a certified Sisterlocks® consultant, with continued education including the Sisterlocks® Advanced Refresher Course and a hairlocking workshop taught by master locktician, author, entrepreneur - Nekhena Evans (, and having mastered various other cultivated hairlocking techniques.

I am a firm believer that natural hair is a "life altering experience." I am not only committed to the artistry of natural hair styles, but also a believer in educating my natural hair clients. I teach them how to live with healthy, natural hair by recommending holistic remedies, and using all natural products on their hair. None of my services require the use of harmful products, chemicals or extensions. Also, in my spare time, I share my knowledge and experiences as a passionate member of online natural hair communities including groups - Lock It Up and Brotherlocks® as well as

Happy Journey,
- Farika

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